About the GG - Central™ Project

This initiative is to help underserved agricultural, aquaculture, or other natural resources producers in developing markets become self-sustainable while providing climate smart information, tools, and inputs to help all contribute towards global prosperity.

Together we are taking steps towards economic and global prosperity

The GG-Central Program was developed by social entrepreneurs that wanted to implement both a multi- purpose driven, social impact initiative while generating equitable returns for all. To add; introducing essential climate smart information along with vital business growth tools for everyone’s’ long term prosperity towards food security and a better environment. This benefit’s us all around the world. This venture is allowing us to gather a strong network of industry experts from many vital sectors in efforts to furnish a comprehensive assistance and support system using innovative technologies.

These methods join innovation to usher an easier connection for collaboration in efforts to impact several global challenges. More so to collectively be used as a financial catalyst to help the underserved break out of the poverty cycle.

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Our Model

Our model includes providing a comprehensive package of intangibles (information -support) and tangibles (financial lift facilitation) resources while working in partnership with current developed market systems to further impact global issues of poverty, climate change, and other social issues that affect us all directly and indirectly.

Our Ideology

Our philosophy is: “it is possible to provide assistance that serves multiple global needs yet create opportunities for all as well. Combined we can all benefit directly & indirectly.” This philosophy is based on triple bottom line framework (1-People/social, 2-Profit/financial increase, 3- Planet / environmental) which are always taken into account.

Providing comprehensive solutions to remote areas

From climate smart skills training, information and tools to effectively manage climate change, increase production, efficient harvesting, to supply chain efficiency guidance, coupled with innovative finance technology assistance, combined enhances impact. Moreover; the key is using practical technologies which allow us to provide comprehensive solutions to remote areas more effectively by connecting those who can further help easier to those who really need the lift. Combined; rewarding every one of us with a resilient environment, better natural products for a greater world (“Globe”).

Market based solutions

We strive on implementing practical solutions to help lift the underserved so they do not have to worry about the common obstacles encountered so they can focus on major growth aspects and break out of the cycle. By providing our comprehensive package that offers sound growth resources, while also considering evenhanded global market needs and requirements for a more cohesive, equitable growth for today and in the future. When joined; it helps secure consistent self-sustenance and responsible “full circle” commercial balances. Subsequently; commercial and social harmony.

Project Mission

Project mission is to implement systems & methods that aim at several social challenges collectively, while conforming to conventional market(s), their requirements for reasonable and mutual gain.

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